jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

El invierno en Lisboa

El invierno en Lisboa” was written in 1987 by Antonio Muñoz Molina.
The book tells the impossible love story between an extraordinary pianist, Santiago Biralbo, and a mysterious woman, Lucrecia. Lucrecia is married to Bruce Malcom who smuggles stolen paintings. Biralbo and Lucrecia will try to be together but it is going to be impossible once Lucrecia has stolen the map which locates a secret basement in Lisbon where a valuable painting was kept for years. They would have to hide and to separate their paths during the whole book to survive as they get involved in Lucrecia’s husband dirty business.
I would recommend this book to people who are accustomed to reading, especially thrillers or books about secret conspiracies, because it may not be an easy book to read sometimes as it is a complicated story and you have to be aware of every little detail because everything has its importance. I especially like the point of view of the narrator of the story as it is not told by the main character but by a friend who Biralbo confesses his secrets to. I also liked the complicated love story which takes place as the background of the main story.

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