martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Entre Nosotros

It is a book written by Juan Ignacio Carrasco.
It's about of a boy called Abel Young; he broke with his girlfriend and his director proposed him to write a story. When he finished the story, the director sent him to a special school and is elected like other students: Arisa and Gabriel. In this school there are vampires but they didn't know. They had to discover the truth like for example: Why were are they in this school?
I like this book so much because I like the stories of vampires and love. It has a lot of adventures and this is so good for the reader.
My favourite part is when Gabriel and Abel go to a chinese restaurant and there they discover a vampire girl who wants to suck their blood.
My favourite character is Arisa because is the only girl in the school and in the beginning is so serious but later is very funny.
I recommended this book to the person who like the stories of vampires, adventures and love.

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